Program Overview

VERTIFX's Money Manager platform -VERTIFX Multi Account Manager (MAM)- is a software tool designed exclusively for our approved partners, providing Money Managers with the ability to trade multiple accounts with just a simple click of the mouse.



MAM Software Overview

With a minimum of five unique accounts, MAM allows you to trade multiple accounts from one master account. It was designed to allocate block trades and provide all sub-accounts the same entry and exit prices as the master account.

MAM provides two methods of allocation; percent and lot.
Percent allocations refer to the percent of equity that a sub-account holds relative to the whole portfolio. For example, with a master account balance of $200,000, a sub-account with an equity balance of $20,000 would receive 10% of all master account trades. This mode is particularly helpful when the equity balances are similar among the sub-accounts.
In Lot allocation mode, each sub-account can have a distinct lot allocation defined. So, if two sub-accounts were set for three lots each and three sub-accounts were set for one lot each then the total number of lots traded by the master account will be 9 (3+3+1+1+1). This mode is generally used when a client wishes to have unique risk exposure in every trade.


MAT Highlights


One click trades from a single master account allocating to several sub-accounts
  • Percent/Lot allocation allowing customized leverage and risk parameters
  • Individual client log-ins to view accounts real time, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Ability to generate reports for one or several multiple sub-accounts over specific time periods
  • View open trades or download information to view trade history, including all charges and commissions

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